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The Suzuku Incident [Backpost]

Posted on Saturday June 10, 2017 @ 7:29pm by Commander Alexander Murrs

Mission: A Day In The Life...
Location: USS Suzuku
Timeline: Past

A younger Alex was darting through the corridors of the ship, the red alert klaaxon blaring. He was with a group of other cadets on a mission to protect engineering. They had been boarded by Klingons, and he was tasked with leading a group of 15 others to take down the group trying to breach engineering.

"Lets take a shuttle around, it'll be quicker and we can beam in and surprise them!" He called, leading the group into the nearest shuttlebay. He jumped into the pilot's seat--despite only minimal flight training.

"What are you doing, none of us have clearance or experience to fly this thing?!" One of the others asked, grabbing Alex's arm. "We're gonna have to try! It'll take to long to run there via the ship!" He said as he yanked his arm back and got the bay doors to open and the shuttle to rise up and start out.

As they pulled around to get in transporter range of Engineering, the ship made a sudden turn and grazed the port side engine of the shuttle, sending it flying wildly back down to wars the shuttlebay.

"What the hell?" One of the cadets asked, holding his tricorder up to a couple of the others. "They're dead, Alex! What are you doing?!" He saw the shuttle heading straight for the bay doors--that were closing, and the forward half of the shuttle got in before the doors closed and ripped in half.

[Three hours later]

Alex awoke with a jolt in the sickbay of the Suzuku, and saw medical staff running around in a frenzy. "What the hell happened? I remember a shuttle accident and then I wake up here!" He asked a passing nurse, sitting up.

"Lay down, cadet!" The CMO barked at him before the older man stepped over. "We just lost Collins and Conners looks like he's going to go before the night's over. Make sure you update the report to the Captain." He said, then looked at Alex. "12 dead. But we only have 4 bodies because you had the stupid idea to take a shuttle around without proper training or clearance. The last 3 of your comrades are probably going to succumb to their injuries in the next few days."

Alex stared at his hands--including the heavily scarred left hand that wasn't like it was before--and couldn't believe it. "Dead? You mean it was that bad?"

The CMO nodded before rushing over to another biobed to tend to a patient.

[Official record of event report to Starfleet Command by the CO of the Suzuku]

Cadet Alexander Murrs, one of 20 cadets assigned here on a cadet cruise prior to graduation from Starfleet Academy, was tasked with leading 15 other cadets on a mission to repel Klingon boarders who had managed to breach Main Engineering.

Cadet passed a shuttlebay and proceeded to commandeer a shuttlecraft. He then flew that shuttlecraft towards one of the ship's engineering pylons, in an attempt to allow a surprise attack on the boarders. However, am evasive maneuver by the ship caused a grazing of the shuttle's engine.

This proceeded in delaying their return, which was then attempted by the aforementioned cadet through a set of closing bay doors, which then proceeded to rip the shuttle in half, instantly killing 6 of the cadets (2 others had died in the grazing accident). If the remaining 8 cadets, 2 were dead on arrival, having been ripped in half when the accident occurred.

2 more died later that day, and within the next 3 days the remaining 3 succumbed to their injuries. Funerals in space were held for all 15, and Cadet Murrs was placed on another ship bound for Earth.

Captain Tiara Howards, Commanding Officer, USS Suzuku

[End report]


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