For Whom the Bell Tolls, Part 2

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Mission: Homefront
Location: Various
Timeline: Current

(Continued From Part 1)

Eleanor had been silent, focusing on keeping her head calm, however, she was growingly starting to feel as though she was being made unnecessary. This unexpectedly triggered sometihng in her head that got particularly agitated. Her pulse began racing. She cleared her throat. "I'm not meaning to overhear. Well. Over-read. I mean. I know I'm green, and all, but I'm perfectly capable of investigating a holodeck malfunction. I did graduate at the top of my engineering classes, and I do have an entire department of tech geniuses, who are perfectly capable of running diagnostics." Eleanor said, attempting to remember Jane's advice on authority. She squared her shoulders, and narrowed her eyes with as much fake bravado as she could muster. "I somewhat resent the implication that I'm not capable. If you want to help, fine, but if you're needed to be somewhere else, considering we have an entire department of literally hundreds of perfectly capable technicians, I would think that qualifies under mismanagement of available resources. The lack of respect being issued towards the capabilities of myself and the staff I am here to represent are neither unnoticed, nor appreciated."

Lanc turned to Elanor and said, "I'm truly sorry that we have made you feel this way. It was not my intention. We have sort of just become self reliant as a group and tend to forget that we're part of a larger team and community. You are absolutely correct. As the Chief of Operations, you should not only be included, but by all means leading this effort." As he spoke, he kept his tone soft and his body language deferential.

"I also apologize if you felt I was trying to take over." Anna said, "I was simply offering assistance since I have worked operations on a station as well as been an engineer on a ship in the past. I have no doubts that you and your staff are capable of handling things, it was an offer because my commander was involved." Anna said carefully making sure her tone showed the respect and not anger.

Miranda strolled over to the gathering and said, "Everything all right over here?"

Eleanor took a deep breath, and walked away. "Thank you." She said, simply, though there was still a tone of irritation, and she was narrowly holding off a panic attack. Narrowly. She sat down at a chair further away, and quietly tried to hide the fact that her hands were shaking.

Kaan, the quiet, pale alien had followed Miranda. As Eleanor walked away, he diverted his course and stood near the near-panicking woman, "are you alright?" he ased in a quiet voice, allowing his Inner Light to dampen the sharp lines of the Light emanating from the young woman; an atte4mpt to bring her comfort and help her deal with the near panic she was feeling.

Ben, over with the others watched the exchange but didn't put in his tuppence-worth. One, it wasn't his job; he wasn'y an engineer and two, he just wanted to fly around, blowing up bad guys. It was a slightly immature view of the world, but it was part of why Ben was always cheerful and so blase. He looked at the Captain, "I think so, all things considered, Captain. Just getting our bearings."

Kaarg stood to one side of the room, a scowl on his face. He watched the way the people moved, working into their little groups in an effort to get their heads around what had happened. He'd seen this before. The first time, it had been his wife and son who had been killed and it took him years of hunting to avenge them. He knew that Anna would make sure that this clandestine team she was working with (he wasn't stupid, after all), knew he was here, ready to help and bring in resources, should they need it.

The Klingons and Federation had their differences but, when the chips were down, it was the Federation Captains he'd flown with who had helped him avenge those murders. It was time to repay those favours.

Eleanor looked up at the person talking to her, and blinked. "I'll be fine. Thank you. I'm fine. Honestly. This is pretty normal for me." She said, shaking her head. The last thing she needed while trying to hide an incoming panic attack was someone pointing out her panic attack to the entire senior staff. She withdrew a device from her belt, and tuned down the incoming stimuli as much as possible. Her glasses darkened, and She was left with a single line of text reading out what other people were saying. "I'm a lot better. Thanks." She added, hoping this lie would get this stranger to give her space to finish recollecting her brain.