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Take two

Posted on Sunday November 26, 2017 @ 8:04am by Ensign Eleanor Frost & Captain Miranda Corleone

Mission: A Day In The Life...
Location: Captain's ready room

Looking significantly more presentable, Eleanor arrived at the Captain's office in significantly less skittish or bewildered of a mindset. Adjusting her glasses, Eleanor took a deep breath.

She pressed the chime, after making sure she had all the reports that Corleone has requested, and waited, patiently. The silence around her made things much more comfortable, and she didn't appear nearly as on edge as she had, previously.

From inside the office, there were whispered voices, a scurry of activity and the slightly hiss as a door opened and closed, then Miranda said, "Enter" to whomever was standing at her office door.

Fortuitously for whoever was inside, Eleanor heard none of said activity. Instead, she stepped through, with a nod and a smile. "Captain. You asked for that assessment?" Eleanor prodded, in case it had slipped the Captain's mind.

"Yeah. Come on in. Tell me things."

"Well." Eleanor said, placing the PADD on the desk, for the Captain to read at her leisure. "The holodecks have new security protocols to install. Most of the station is in good, working order, barring a little bit of expected wear and tear. The proposals for systems upgrades were mostly a collection of daydreams with zero concept designs that had a functional return for their input. I would be negligent if I did not note that this station appears to be in particularly good maintenance on my arrival. I'm curious about what happened to my predecessor. They were doing a good job."

In a deadpan that can only come from having seen too much, Miranda simply said, "They got blown up." while looking through the report on the offered PaDD. A few of the upgrade suggestions caught her eye.

"What prompted the security upgrades on the holodecks?"

"No clue. Starfleet never explains WHY they send security protocol updates. The patch notes would be fascinating to read, if they included reasons they were sent out." Eleanor paused, then re-read what Miranda had just said. "Blown... Up. Right. I'll just... Not ask anything more about THAT."

"Yeah, release notes would be great. Maybe in this version they could remove Herobrine."

Eleanor blinked several times, tilting her head. "I... I don't think I get it. I'm pretty sure it was meant to be a joke. I think."

"Yeah, it was a joke. There was an old Earth computer game that would include joke entries in their release notes." Miranda said with a chuckle.

"So, what else is going on?"

"Oh. You know. Socially awkward tech nerd unexpectedly thrown in charge of department. Probably a few complaints." Eleanor noted, dryly. "I think Vash said 9. Also, a lot of questionable upgrade suggestions that I already threw out."

"Nine? I only heard seven." Miranda teased.

"That just means two haven't been properly filed yet." Eleanor shrugged. "Also. Possibly a tenth. I did step on some toes in regards to scheduling issues for the shipyard repair teams."

"You're a department head. If you're not stepping on some toes every now and then, you're not doing your job right."

"I am not exactly known for being popular. You know. What with the mouth that has it's own mind, and the skittish behavior and the klutziness. I'm trying. It's almost working. Not everybody is going to be my friend." Eleanor agreed. "I'm kind of... Used to that."

"I can't exactly help you with that one. Matching making is outside of my purview. I will tell you that I'm satisfied with your performance so far, so there is that."

Eleanor squinted, looking confused by something. She blinked a few times. "That says satisfied. Right? I'm not misreading you? That's new. I shall do my best to keep it that way."

"Yes Chief, it says satisfied. If you don't behave, I'll change it to "Good job" and completely ruin your day." Corleone added with a smile.

"That wouldn't be much of a downgrade." Eleanor chuckled. "Uhm. Thank you, ma'am."

Physically stifling a laugh, Miranda said, "Very good Ensign, dismissed."

"Uhm. Yes. Right." Eleanor nodded. "Thank you. Again. Ma'am." She added, getting up, and heading to the door.

Captain Miranda Corleone
Commanding Officer

Ensign Eleanor Frost
Chief Operations Officer


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