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Feasibility study: Eleanor Frost

Posted on Thursday November 23, 2017 @ 9:32am by Ensign Eleanor Frost

Mission: A Day In The Life...
Location: Engineering.

96 feasibility studies. 93 discarded. 1 chief operations officer running an over caffeination headache. Point one, bureaucracy.

Eleanor lay, awkwardly, on the couch in her office, looking at the 97th feasibility study, when her desk began chirping.

Getting up, Eleanor sat down in front of the terminal, and pressed the play message button.

A notice popped up on her screen, indicating that the following message required an external media device to continue playing on.

The replicator in her office sparked to life, and Eleanor collected the series of devices off of it.

A strange device that clipped on to her belt, two ear pods, and a set of glasses.

Curiously, Eleanor put them on, finding herself bewildered by them.

External Stimuli Overload protocols engaged. Preparing for first time use. Auditory cancellation protocols engaged. Ear pods online. A line of words on the glasses began reading.

"Well, well, well." A familiar voice said, though, curiously, all of the background noises were no longer present. "Chief Operations Officer Eleanor Frost." Jane's recorded voice noted in an amused tone. "This is a test device for a friend of mine. Lieutenant Bobgdonovich isn't well known for being able to focus. As you've probably realized by now, this device is designed to mute distracting background noise. It also comes with several features that you might find useful. There is a proximity sensor imbeded in your belt device. If it suspects you are about to bump in to something, you'll get a blue exclamation point, and a directional notation."

The glasses traced her desk outline, and gave a demonstration of this feature.

"And, if someone is trying to get your attention, either by following you, or calling your name, you'll receive a red exclamation point, and a similar direction marker. This is designed to prevent any... Unfortunate... Incidents, as with what happened with my lawyer. You can manually override the ear pods, using the glasses' on screen display menu, activated by using the phrase 'Hey, glasses?'" Jane's voice continued. "It's also designed to interface with your alarms, and comm badge, so that You can cut down on-" Jane's voice paused.

A red exclamation point pointed at the door. There were two lines of text. Instruction mode paused, and CWO Vash: Ensign Frost?

Eleanor looked bemused. The device was so very... Jane. The last thing her wife would want was her to fail, so she gave her a method of coping.

"Hey glasses, disable instruction mode. Enable incoming audio." Eleanor instructed.

A little ear appeared in the top right corner, with an exclamation point next to it.

"Yes, Miss Vash?" Eleanor asked.

"What... Is that?" Vash asked, tilting her head, and looking at the glasses on Eleanor's face, confused.

"An anniversary gift. From Jane. My flower delivery is looking a little on the insufficient side, now." Eleanor shook her head. "What have you got?"

"That weapons system upgrade. You asked for a feasibility study?" Vash asked, handing her a PADD.

"You got B'vel to help you?" Eleanor asked, looking at the PADD's contents.

"It seemed fair to allow her to defend her proposal." Vash shrugged. She looked at the pile of discarded PADDs. "You've been busy."

"I've been giving myself a migraine." Eleanor corrected. She began reading the PADD. "You agree that it's doable, but disagree as to it's necessity."

Vash nodded. "It's a big strain to put on the reactor, for a very little output boost. My problem with the design begins at the point where we'll have to set aside an extra 15% reactor output for this weapons upgrade, which may be tactically improbable, given other emergency power uses during combat, for things like life support, and structural integrity fields."

Eleanor smiled, and nodded. "Tell B'vel to keep working on the idea. We're rejecting this iteration, but I'm open to potential redesigns."

"You're not dismissing my concerns?" Vash asked.

"You presented your concerns from a technical standpoint, as an engineer, and not from the more generic standpoint of 'This idea is too crazy to work'." Eleanor explained. "This is a response to this proposal that I can file in the system as 'exceeds returns', and B'vel can't go above my head to complain about it. We've created a legitimate paper trail with verifiable evidence countering this proposal, and thus, have fulfilled our job."

Vash blinked. "You were covering your-"

The glasses briefly but a red x over the ear, and the word "censored" crossed her glasses.

Eleanor snorted. "Yes. Yes, I was."

"Further evidence for another feasibility study I'm performing." Vash noted. "The glasses, too."

"What's that?" Eleanor asked.

"Feasibility of Ensign Frost, Eleanor, as section chief of Operations for Starbase 199." Vash said, looking down at a PADD.

"And?" Eleanor asked.

"You understand your faults, and delegate tasks for which you understand yourself to be incapable. You listen to critical feedback, and attempt to learn from it. You have demonstrated a willingness to accept outside assistance to help prevent injuries to yourself, and others." Vash typed in a few more data points. "And. You're willing to ensure a job is done properly, even if it's just a theory someone proposed. I criticised your use of my time on this feasibility study. I now see that this was you helping me to understand your job, in case you get injured, and I have to take it over, briefly."

"Not if. Vash. When. I'm me. It's going to happen. I once spent a week in sickbay after attempting to curl my hair." Eleanor corrected.

Vash shook her head. "I see."

Eleanor's glasses blinked with a clock icon. Reminder: Report is due to Captain Corleone in 1.5 hours.

"Dismiss alert." Eleanor noted. "I should be going. I want to have this report in at least an hour early."

"Clever." Vash nodded. "Hey. Ensign?"

"Yes, Miss Vash?" Eleanor asked, finding herself increasingly comfortable around her assistant chief.

"For what it's worth. I'm filing this study with the Captain. As reassurance." Vash said, quietly. "I understand there are already 9 people filing complaints about your management style. Also, I think that Vulcan is irritated that you are micromanaging his job about scheduling."

"I'm not, though. It's-" Eleanor began.

"Your job. As section chief. To ensure the smooth functions of everything in your department. Yes, ma'am. I know." Vash interrupted. "You said you knew you wouldn't be popular. I think you're wrong in that assessment. People will accept you. They just need time to get used to your style."

"You didn't take long." Eleanor pointed out.

"You went out of your way to explain it." Vash countered. "It helps. You've got syrup on your face. And coffee on your sleeve. Wash up, before you report in to the Captain, yes?"

Eleanor inclined her head. "Thanks, Vash."

"Call me Jean." Vash replied.

"Then stop calling me Ensign. It's Eleanor." Eleanor nodded.

"Unless we're in a formal setting." Vash pointed out.

"Or you're annoyed with me." Eleanor nodded. "I'm used to that."

"With your wife, I'm hardly surprised." Vash chuckled.

Eleanor shook her head. "Actually. She's used to me. Mostly. It's everyone else who gets annoyed."

"If you want to get that report in early, you should go." Vash pointed out. "Wash your face." She added, before heading for the exit.

"Hey glasses. Turn on stimuli restriction mode." Eleanor said, as she left.

Silence returned, and Eleanor looked around, feeling much less skittish.

She collected the report for the Captain, and made her way to her quarters for a quick wash, and uniform change.

Her brain was still insistent about banana pancakes, but she felt significantly less manic about doing her job.

She took a deep breath. "I can do this. I think." She whispered to herself.

Looking in the mirror, in her quarters, she discovered there was syrup in her hair, too.

Perhaps she'd have to settle with having that report half an hour early. She wasn't entirely sure that having the report in an hour early was worth a repeat performance of her first encounter with the Captain.

She was fairly certain the Captain would agree with that assessment.

Ensign Eleanor Frost
Chief Operations Officer

CWO Jeanette Cash
Assistant Chief Operations officer

Guest starring the recorded voice of

Commander Jane Atwood
Unassigned, pending judicial review.


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