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Coffee is not my friend. Coffee is my fashion accessory.

Posted on Tuesday November 21, 2017 @ 6:54pm by Ensign Eleanor Frost
Edited on on Tuesday November 21, 2017 @ 6:56pm

Mission: A Day In The Life...

[Earth Stardock, 7 days ago]

Ellie sat, on a bench, sipping a coffee, patiently. She had been sitting here, barring runs to either get coffee in, or coffee out, for 7 hours, now.

"Waiting for someone?" A voice asked, from behind her.

Eleanor giggled a bit. "Yes. My wife is supposed to be coming in, and I'm supposed to be going out. I think, if I time it right, I might catch about 20 minutes with her."

"Ohhhh." The man said, chuckling, as he sat down. "You're... HER."

"No, No. The HER is my wife. I'm the Ensign." Eleanor corrected, nervously. "Well. I say Ensign. I mean acting Ensign. I don't get to be officially an ensign until I arrive at my post."

"I'm waiting for her, too." The man said, crossing his arms.

"I know. You're Atticus James. Her attorney." Eleanor noted. "Her fresh out of the Academy attorney. Hardly seems fitting for a Captain." Eleanor sipped her coffee. "Well, I SAY Captain. I mean, She was a Captain. Now she's a Commander. Provided you do your job. No pressure, or anything, but I really would like to see my wife again, like ever, so please do a good job."

"Man, she said you were a piece of work." Atticus grumbled.

"You've spoken to her? Is she okay? Did they feed her enough? Did she get in to many fights?" Eleanor asked.

"Yes. Yes. No. Yes." A voice said, approaching them. "I lost 30 pounds in the brig diet. I doubt you'll mind."

Eleanor, not expecting to hear from her for another hour, according to the arrivals and departures schedules list dropped her coffee unexpectedly, splashing both her, and Atticus, with scalding hot pumpkin spiced latte.

"Let's see." The Australian accented woman said, bemused. "Hair hasn't been brushed this week, clothing in a state of higher caffeination than wearer, traces off breakfast left on face. Yes. You are most definitely my klutz of a wife."

"I have food on my face?" Eleanor asked, before turning to Atticus. "Why didn't you warm me?"

"Well between my greeting getting turned in to an insult of my capacity, based on experience, and then IMMEDIATELY GETTING SCALDED BY COFFEE, I DIDN'T EXACTLY HAVE TIME TO COMMENT ON YOUR APPEARANCE, DISHEVELED BARBIE." Atticus shouted.

Eleanor winced, and pulled away from Atticus.

"Please don't shout. She's not great with sudden noises. Or shouting. Or being surprised." Jane noted.


Eleanor took up a position hiding behind her wife.

"Now. You listen, boy. I know it's a stain on your uniform, but the replicators will clean it. I've only got an hour left with my wife this calendar year, and would appreciate her being functional in some form, or another, so I'm only going to ask nicely one more time. Please. Stop. Shouting." Jane reiterated.

"No, No. It's okay." Eleanor said, shaking her head. "It was my fault. I should've had it sitting down on the table, or something."

"Yeah. You should." Atticus said, grumpily.

Jane pointed a warning finger at him. "What did I just spend 6 months in the brig for?"

"Allegedly assaulting a superior officer." Atticus noted.

"Technically, it was only allegedly until before they stripped her of her Captain's rank, and locked her away for six months. Allegedly implies yhat-" Eleanor began.

"He's a lawyer. I'm sure he knows what it means." Jane shook her head, before placing a kiss on Eleanor's forehead. "Calm. Down."

"But, if he knew, then he shouldn't have said-" Eleanor began again.

"He said allegedly because he's appealing that case as part of this review, as well as filing a complaint about the length of time it took to review YOUR case, and the consequential damage to your career. Please apologize, and stop being a nitpicking twit before I start yelling." Jane said, in a tone suggesting weapons grade shouting was due any moment.

"Uhm. Sorry, mister Atticus." Eleanor said, wincing.

"You'd better be-" Atticus was cut off by a glare that was set to about stun setting 3. "I'll just... Go. For now. I'll be in my office."

After the man left, Eleanor shook her head. "You know, normally, when people don't see their spouses for months on end, there's all kinds of romantic gestures exchanged, and sweet words, and no shouting. Or lawyers."

"I'm the Starfleet Corps of Engineers least favorite acerbic ex-Captain who just served a six month suspension for striking a superior officer, and you're an exceptionally talented, but coordination, socially, and generally speaking inept engineering cadet who married one of her instructors, and more or less got away with it. Normal isn't really our thing." Jane pointed out.

"I missed you." Eleanor said, with something between a short and a giggle.

"You, too, dork. My bunkmate snored." Jane replied. "But at least they didn't burn the food in jail."


[Transport Shuttle, 2 days ago]

"What the hell?" The pilot asked.

Eleanor woke up from a dead sleep, and brushed a strand of hair that tasted vaguely of coffee(a different cup, this time), out of her mouth.

"What's wrong?" Eleanor asked, as she sat down in the copilot's seat.

"The warp engines shut down." The pilot grumbled. "Obviously. If you were a pilot, you'd notice we're not at warp."

Eleanor narrowed her eyes. There were other engineers on board the transport shuttle, but Eleanor had uncharacteristically not spoken to any of them.

"You're right. I'm not a pilot." Eleanor said, after a moment of giggle snorting. "Are you? I mean. If you were, we'd still be at warp."

"Hey, if you think this is so funny, why don't you get the engines back online." One of the other engineers said, not amused by Eleanor's demeanor, nor attitude.

"Have you tried turning it off, then on again?" Eleanor asked.

"Oh, come on." One of the other engineers groaned.

"I'll have you know, I graduated at the top of my flight school class." The pilot grumbled.

"Well, I didn't. I graduated at the top of my engineering class. But. I do know how to read warning lights." Eleanor pointed at a screen to her left. "This one is pointing at a navigation buoy about a localized speed limit you're ignoring, and the blinking light to your left is marked 'Limiter Overload'." Eleanor flicked a few toggles. "This is a civilian transport. Not a fleet issue. It's got automatic safeguards installed. The navigation buoy is, if You bothered to notice it, sending out an automated signal. By exceeding warp factor 4 past the buoy, you triggered the ship's limiter, which you then overloaded. Shut the engines down for 5 minutes, then boot the system in to safe mode. If we had been on autopilot, this wouldn't have happened."

The lights dimmed as the shuttle switched from main engine power to batteries for life support, and Eleanor went back to her seat.

The silence that met her there was uncomfortable, but when the pilot turned the engines back on, a few minutes later, and the ship jumped back in to warp, the looks on others faces changed in to something akin to respect.

"I'm going back to sleep, now." Eleanor said, with a frown. "You do know how to land this thing, right?"

[Transport Shuttle, now.]

It turns out, he didn't know how to do that as well as he thought. After a minor crash, and several people spending a few hours in the last Starbase on the delivery route's list's sickbay, the remaining fresh officers were relieved, when they departed on autopilot, without their pilot, who had been severely injured, when the main flight control console began sparking.

There was presently a bet going on between the other engineers present.

Eleanor had rigged a PADD in to the transport's flight control computer, and was presently interacting with the autopilot, using a set up that six engineers were sure would blow the PADD inside an hour, and another two thought that her demonstrated klutziness over the past several days would result in her having installed it wrong, which would directly result in a repeat visit to the sickbay.

What none of them had been anticipating was Eleanor being Eleanor. She knew the system would probably overload the PADD. It wasn't meant to be directly wired in to that many power leads.

As such, she had scavenged parts out of the now defunct pilot's console, and built several data bridges that added power resistance modules along the way.

Over the course of two hours, she had gotten their ride flying again, but it took a full 9, four of which, Eleanor had been asleep through, for the doubts around her technical capacity to fade.

"Attention Civilian transport 916 alpha 7, this is 199 control. You are cleared for docking." The PADD noted.

"Attention 199, this is 916 alpha 7 in the blind. Our systems are running automated only. Please engage landing procedures from the dockmaster's primary control panel." The PADD replied.

"Copy that, 916 Alpha 7. Manual tractor beam override engaged. Please disengage engines." The dockmaster noted.

"This is 916 alpha 7 in the blind. Primary flight systems are disabled. Thank you for your assistance, 199 control." The PADD's autopilot protocols replied.

A few moments later, the shuttle landed with a soft thud.

There was a chorus of disgruntled voices.

Eleanor had, in the spirit of the moment, put a hundred credits on herself, attempting to enter the comraderie around her strange plans.

Instead, however, she had just found herself 900 credits richer, and had collected 9 very upset co-workers, and it wasn't even her first day on the job.

"Oops." Eleanor whispered, as the shuttle vacated it's other occupants, and a series of credit waivers were thrown at her. "I should. Uhm. Report in. I guess. Computer, who is the listed Chief Operations officer of Starbase 199?"

"Acting Chief Operations Officer Eleanor Frost has not signed in for duty yet. Chief Warrant Officer Jeanette Vash is presently in charge of operations." The computer noted.

Eleanor, not registering what the computer just said, picked up a fresh cup of coffee, off the transport's replicator tray.


She dropped it.

"Computer, repeat last message." Eleanor said, bewildered.

"Acting Chief Operations Officer Eleanor Frost-" The computer began.

"Cancel playback." Eleanor interrupted, as she began hyperventilating. "This is a joke. This has to be a joke." She said, shaking. "Admiral LaSalle said I'd never hold a section chief position, once he was done with my career."

In a very characteristic manner, disregarding her now coffee-riddled state, Eleanor collected her belongings, and in an almost zombie-like state, followed the computer guidance to her new quarters to drop them off.

Still bewildered beyond the point of recognizing her disastrous appearance, Eleanor began wandering towards the Base Commander's office.

"Acting. Chief." She was mumbling to herself, in disbelief.

She was unaware of the fact that disbelief is likely what her introduction would be met with.

Considering her hair was still dripping coffee.


Acting Ensign Eleanor Frost
Acting Chief Operations Officer

Guest starring

Commander Jane Atwood
Unassigned, pending judicial review


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