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Posted on Friday October 6, 2017 @ 7:04pm by Lieutenant Ben Carsassis & Blank K'Lok Maarg & Lieutenant Anna Johnson

Mission: A Day In The Life...
Location: Pints, Brews, and Food

It was between the 'normal' time people tended to eat. There was a steady stream of people in and out just not an overwhelming amount. This had let Anna bake some more of her lemon sugar cookies which seemed to be a popular item. That said she was in the kitchen singing along with the music Kaarg had playing.

Kaarg looked up as the Klingon Opera played in the kitchen. "Not bad," he half shouted over the Klingon 'music'. "I wouldn't give up the day job though!"

Out in the main area, Ben, in his hoverchair, entered the cafe/bar and moved to a decently accessible table. "I'll have a coffee and some fo those cookies I keep hearing so much about," Ben said to the server who'd come to take his order. "If Anna's here, tell her Ben says Hi!" He finished with a grin.

Anna was placing the latest cookies on a tray and preparing to take them out to the display. "I never said I was going to." Anna said in response to Kaarg. Then headed out to display the cookies.

"Ma'am there is someone named Ben who said to tell you hi." Then noticing the cookies, "OH good we had ran out and he had asked for some with coffee."

Anna smiled, "I'll take care of this order." She said.

Anna placed two rather large lemon sugar cookies on a plate then poured a cup of coffee. Grabbing both she walked over to place them on the table. "Hello," Anna said with a smile, "Did you need cream for your coffee?" She asked. Little did Anna know it but there was a bit of flour on her face from where she had been baking the cookies.

"Fine, I'll watchj over your baking whilst you fraternise," Kaarg said gruffly, though the grin on his face said his mood wasn't anywhere near as sour as he sounded; an art form he'd perfected over the years.

Ben looked up, his grin widening, "Hi Anna, and yes please," he said in answer to her question. "You lose a fight with a ghost?" He pointed at a spot on his own face, indicating the location of the offending floury hanger-on.

Anna used the apron she was wearing to wipe the spot then grabbed some cream from a near by tray. "Sorry about that the cookies are literally fresh baked at the moment." She said then placed the cream on the table. The cookies were a simple lemon sugar cookie with a bit of lemon glaze on them. "If you don't mind me joining you I'll go grab my own cup. I'm about due for a break anyway."

Ben nodded, "sure! Nothing like company whilst you eat." He took a bite, realising a bit late they were still hot. "Ooo, hot!" he said, blowing warm air out his mouth as he tried to eat without immolating his face. "Really good, though!" Ben's natural exuberance shone; even something as simple as eating freshly bakecd cookies almost had him bouncing.

Anna stepped behind the counter and grabbed a cup of coffee and a couple of cookies for herself then took them back to Ben's table. "So what have you been up to lately?" Anna asked as she added cream to her coffee.

"Me?" Ben asked. "Training. Getting ready for deployment and making sure both the Arrowhead and my suit are ready to go, should they decide we need to do something, finally!"

Anna nodded, "Well its obvious what I've been doing." Anna said waiving her hands to indicate the new business. "I'll have to introduce you to my chef sometime. I make the desserts but he does everything else." Anna said. Then took a sip of the coffee.

"Yes; nice place," Ben said. "What was that about your chef?"

"Just that I'll have to introduce you sometime. He and I go way back. He worked in the lounge on the first ship I ever served on." Anna said "I just thought you might like to meet him sometime." she added.

As if hearing his name, Kaarg stepped out of the kitchen, chef's hat at a jaunty angle, weapons everywhere and a scowl that could make a tsunami run in terror, "Don't worry, Anna, I'll finish your baking for you!" He said as he sauntered to the table, grabbing a cup of ratkijino on the way. "Who's this?" He asked with no preamble, nodding at Ben. The young pilot, after getting over his initial; shock said, "that's your chef?"

Anna smiled, "Kaarg this is Ben a pilot friend of mine. Ben this is Kaarg and yes he is my chef." She was trying very hard not to laugh at his reaction. "Well chef and business partner." Then looking at Kaarg she said, "I just finished the baking I was needing to do at the moment and thought I would take a short break to talk to my friend." Anna said to Kaarg with no obvious fear in her voice even though he seemed to be angry with her.

Kaarg grunted. "You the one that pulled her from the wreckage?"
Ben nodded, "Yep, that's me!"
"Good job! Nice to see someone has their head screwed on!"
"Ummm... Thanks?!" Ben said, not quite sure how to take the Klingon's compliment.

Kaarg then looked at Anna, "I suppose you were just going to leave me to clean up? Story of my life!" With that, hew took a seat at the table, taking a drink from his tankard.

"I was not going to leave it for you to clean up you big baby. I know how to clean up after myself." Anna said showing no signs of being afraid of the big Klingon sitting next to her.

"Ha!" Kaarg didn't seem bothered by the rebuke. Ben wasn't quite sure how to take this. Clearly they were great friends and had a way of dealing with each other. Ben took a drink, "Well, nothing will be boring here with you two in charge!"

Anna's smile grew even bigger, "Boring is over rated." She said with a laugh. "I just hope it stays busy." She said, then asked, "So what do you think of the cookies?" before she took a bite of her own.

At that moment Anna noticed one of their employee's pointing in their direction. He walked over to her with his hand on his hips and asked, "Give me one good reason why you charge three credits for a cup of hot Earl Grey tea that I can get for free from the replicator." Anna looked at Ben, "Excuse me just a moment." Anna had reached out and grabbed Kaarg's arm as she stood and simply shook her head at him.

Anna put on a smile, "Follow me over to the counter and I will." Anna said. She walked behind the bar and got a small metal container with a handle. She then poured hot water from a carafe in side it. The whole time she was whistling as she did so. She reached under the counter and pulled out a container labeled "Earl Grey" and started dunking the bag into the water then left the bag in place closing the lid with it inside. Anna then moved over grabbed a cup and saucer and poured tea into the cup and simply said, "Taste it." The main looked at her with a look that said he had never seen anyone make tea this way before but he reached out and took a sip. A look of contentment came over his face and Anna smiled, "That is what Earl Grey tea is SUPPOSE to taste like." Anna said.
The man took another sip and nodded, as Anna put the other supplies away. "I'll pay the credits then." Anna smiled pulled out a PADD rang up the bill and handed it to the customer for their thumbprint. "Sorry I didn't realize it was the real deal." Anna nodded, "Apology excepted." She then moved back toward the table and sat down, "Yet another satisfied customer." She said in a tone that was hard to tell if she was being serious or sarcastic.

Kaarg grinned at Anna then looked at Ben, "that's why she handles the customers. I'd have ripped his arm off and beat him to death with the soggy end, whereas she not only got him to try it but also pay for complaining!" He let out a bark of a laugh and raised his tankard in a mock salute. Ben just looked between them, "I see why you make good business partners. I bet no-one makes trouble with that on the wall," he said, nodding to the bat'leth, hanging behind the bar.
"That's mine," Kaarg said. "If it gets to the point she can't deal with them with Civility, I use a Bat'leth!"
"So if she can't talk them down, you use lethal force?" Ben replied, going slightly pale.
"Civility is a wooden bat," Kaarg said sagely.
"Oh bloody hell," Ben said. "I'm drinking here every day. This has to be the safest place on the station, especially given your rank insignia." Kaarg just grinned. "If my sister were here, no-one in their right mind would come here with hostile intent. Rebecka was good before we started training her!" He grinned with pride.
"That's not a Klingon name," Ben said.
"It is now!"
"ummm... Ok...?"

Anna laughed, "Rebecka is one of the few humans that has proven herself worthy to be allowed to join a Klingon house." Anna explained, "She had to put many a Klingon in their place to prove she deserved it. She has beaten way more than I have for sure." Anna let that sentence hang. Anna was petite but really strong for her size. "Rebecka was also a Starfleet captain at one point though I'm not sure what she is doing now, I've lost track of her."

Kaarg grinned. "She's fine. She's keeping busy and concentrating on Family; specifically TJs training amongst other duties."

"Last time I saw TJ he always had that Taarg stuffed animal he carried with him everywhere. I think he called it Toby if I remember correctly." Anna laughed, "Now I feel old because I just realized that he is old enough to be in Starfleet himself now."

Kaarg grinned. "Guess that makes us both old," he said, laughing. Turning to Ben, he said, "don't get old, kid. It's irritating!" He finished with a barking laugh.
Ben grinned and raised his cup in a mock salute. "I'll take that under advisement," he replied.

Anna laughed, "Anyway feel free to stop by anytime." she said to Ben , "Would you like a little more coffee? The brewed kind gets a free refill on the same visit." Anna asked as she stood and picked up her own plate. One of the other people working in the dining area saw her and came over to take the plate from her so that she didn't have to clean it herself. Anna blinked and watched the employee leave.

Kaarg grinned, "don't look so shocked, Anna; That's what you pay them for!"
Ben smiled, "thanks but I need to get back to it. My fighter doesn't maintain itself. Take care Anna and nice to meet you, Kaarg." To the Klingon warrior's surprise, Ben offered his arm in traditional Klingon warrior style but accepted it with a nod. That done, Ben's chair lifted slightly and he made his way to the door.

Anna grabbed the stuff off the table and looked at Kaarg, "He's a good kid." She said with a smile at Kaarg then headed into the kitchen to clean.

Kaarg grunted noncommittally and followed her into the kitchen


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