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Starting Again

Posted on Sunday September 3, 2017 @ 12:20pm by Blank K'Lok Maarg & Lieutenant Anna Johnson

Mission: A Day In The Life...
Location: Anna's Cafe

Anna had talked to operations and gotten into her shop to see what had survived the explosion. The alcohol had been protected by the cooler she kept it in, and the coffee had been protected by the barrels. Most of the trinkets had been damaged. Her insurance helped cover the losses but the base had no other storefronts she could use at the moment. They did however, have a small restaurant available. Most of her sales over the last few weeks had been coffee and alcoholic purchases anyway so she contacted a friend who was on his way.

Now she was in the cafe setting up the coffee machine that would allow her to serve espresso, and other fancier coffee drinks and she had expanded the other drinks she sold. She had ideas for the menu but was wanting to discuss them once her chef/bouncer friend arrived. At the moment she was under the counter rewiring the coffee machine to work in this setting when she heard someone enter. "We aren't open for business quite yet." She said without looking.

"That depends on whether or not you want decent food making, doesn't it?" Came the gruff voice from the doorway. "The coffee's yours but stay the hell out of my kitchen!" The frame of a massive Klingon warrior filled the doorway as he entered and stalkerd across the room. His armour and weapons were in excellent condition, the sash across his facebody showing his House and rank. "Please tell me you know how to make Ratkijino?" He said, a grin coming to his friendsface. He finished with 'Oh yes. Hello, Anna."

"I do as a matter of fact." Anna said as she stood then pointed behind the bar. There was a cubby area between the shelves with glasses and bottles in clear view of the the patrons of the bar. There was a mount set perfect for a bat'leth. "I have a place for you to hang your blade if you like." Then she reached under the bar, and pulled out a bat, 'The other option is for the trouble makers to 'have a talk with civility.'" She said holding up the bat then smiled, "This is civility." Then she held out her hand to greet Kaarg with a warriors hand shake, "Thanks for coming." She added.

Kaarg grinned, taking the offered arm. "Good to see we're off to the right start." He unsheathed his bat'leth and hung it behind the bar. "All you need now is a sign saying 'Complaints Depertment' above it and you're sorted." He let out a barking laugh. "Please tell me you have a decent kitchen for me to work in..."

"You will probably want to rearrange it a bit but it's decent." Anna said pointing toward a door and leading the way. "My other shop was put out of commission by an explosion on a lower deck. It was a novelty shop that sold coffee. When it came time to set up again I realized I did more coffee sales than the other items so I decided to go this route instead." As she finished they had stepped inside the kitchen. It was a decent size. There was a walk in freezer with various meats, which were labeled and dated with arrival stamps on the packaging. There was a smaller cooler that had some fresh produce but that was a bit more scarce. "I have a supplier that brings the meat in dry ice so that it keeps, fresh produce is harder to come by so I get it when I can find it but you may have to replicate it from time to time." Anna said then pointed to the speakers on the wall, "I've already uploaded any Klingon opera's I could find for you, if I missed any you are welcome to add them to your play list." Anna said.

Kaarg grinned, "Oh, you're [i]good[/i]," he said, taking stock of his surroundings. Almost subconsciously, he started moving things around and stashing weapons, out of normal sight but within easy reach should he need them, in various points of the kitchen. "It'll do," he said critically.

Anna smiled, "I try. I have a small stock of blood wine you are welcomed to make your brew if you like." Anna said. "On occasion I may have to leave without notice or contact so if I disappear suddenly don't worry. I have a few other employees that can help get the food out to the tables and help with the bar and coffee." Anna left the disappearing part stay. She was certain Kaarg would be curious but she knew it was on a need to know basis and he unfortunately didn't.

The Klingon looked up from where he was stashing a phaser, "Need to know only, eh?" He paused a moment, "can't [i]imagine[/i] what that would be all about." He let it go at that. "I'm sure those in charge know of me. If they need me, they'll come calling." He stood up, "other than that, this is a small place. Someone out front while I cook is good. Better make sure they know how to defend themselves. Wouldn't be the first time someone tried to trash a joint I worked in."

"When it pretty much became a pub that was a requirement. Though I had thought of calling it a cafe instead to see if it might cut down on riff-raff. Though name alone doesn't change anything once word of mouth gets out I guess." Anna said. "And I do have Irish roots so a pub makes more sense." She added with a laugh.

Kaarg nodded. "Did I mention I studied cocktail making too? I'm an all-round handy kind of guy to know. I Cook, clean, serve drinks and bounce heads when needed!" He let out a bark of a laugh.

"I'm aware it's why I thought of you when I had to change tactics. By the way did you want to be partner or just an employee. We never really discussed the terms of you coming here. You are one of the few people I would be willing to share a business with." Anna stated. "Oh I know you don't like anyone in your kitchen but I was hoping to have desserts and pastries. I was originally going to cook those but if you have some you can make that is fine too." Anna said so she didn't forget.

Kaarg looked at the woman levelly. "My. Kitchen," he said. "I'll let you borrow it on occasion but it's my domain." He grinned. "Seriously, as long as you don't get underfoot, feel free to cook your pastries. I'll go in with you fifty-fifty. Just hope you know what you're letting yourself in for!" Another bark of laughter followed the comment.

"I know we aren't best friends or anything, but I know you well enough to trust you. Besides I could use a good sparing partner from time to time." Anna laughed hard because it reminded her of an incident the last time she visited Kronos.

"It's not like I don't know where you live if you try to pull a fast one," Kaarg said. "Don't expect me to go easy on you because you're Human!" He said.

"I would be insulted if you did." Anna said. "Of course the shady blade vendor on Kronos underestimated me because I was human." Anna said and with that she grabbed a bottle of blood wine and a box that obviously contained blades. "Which is a war story best shared over a tankard." Anna said with a smile.

Kaarg grinned. "Shady blade dealer? Do tell," he said, taking the bottle and opening it without asking.

"So I'm on Kronos looking for a new set of D'tag. I find a small shop that has a decent set of blades on display in the window so I go in. When a tell the owner what I'm looking for he pulls out a set of blades that to someone who doesn't know them would think looked good. I took one of the blades in my hand and could tell right away that it didn't feel right. So I told him, 'Don't show me your cheep imitations I want real blades not ones for display.'" Anna said.
"He started speaking in Klingon thinking I wouldn't understand him of course. He said, 'Your mother has a smooth forehead.' To which I reponded in Klingon, 'Of course she does she is human but at least she doesn't smell like a taarg.' and that's when the fight started." With that Anna paused to wait for Karrg's response.

Kaarg roared with laughter. "I hope you gave him a decent scar to remember you by!"

"Oh I did alright," Anna pulled up her sleeve and showed one of her own. "Got my own battle scar too but since I was able to best him and he saw that I knew what I was doing. He gave me these," Anna opened the box she had pulled out that held finely crafted blades inside. "Said anyone could fight that well deserved proper blades to do it with." Anna said, "Between you and me I think he was hoping I wouldn't let anyone know he had been bested by a human female." Anna said with a laugh.

Kaarg grinned, "Sound about right. If he was [i]my[/i] weaponsmith, I'd be kicking him across his forge for being bested by a Human!" Kaarg then treated Anna to an amused but piercing gaze.

"I can imagine if word got around that it would be bad for his business. At any rate this is the best set of blades I've ever owned." Anna said. "So I can't complain." Anna took a drink from her tankard.

Kaarg nodded. "Good story!" He then took a drink of his wine.

"Do you have any recent battle stories to tell?" Anna asked.

"Nothing recent," Kaarg said. "They've been keeping me busy being a diplomat!" Kaarg said, looking disgruntled. "Hopefully, being on this station will change that!"

"So I saved you from a life of paper work then?" Anna said with a smile.

"Yes!" The Klingon said. "I figured that if there was something going on, either you or Rebecka would be in the middle of it!"

"Just because I pick fights with a Klingon doesn't mean that. . .okay so I like looking for trouble why does that put me in the middle of anything?" Anna asked before taking another sip of her drink a smile coming across her face. "Actually I came here trying to get away from trouble it just seems to have a way of finding me."

Kaarg nodded sagely. "Like I said, I keep an eye on you or Rebecka. [i]one[/i] of you is going to get in over your heads eventually and that gives me an excuse to break some heads."

Anna laughed,"So you are the one who is actually looking for trouble then."

"Always was," The Klingon said as he finished his drink. "Right, I'd better get organised so your people have something decent to eat." With that, he pulled out his chef's hat from his bag, placed it carefully on his head then stood and walked towards the kitchen. "Give me a shout if you need something!"


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