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Exercise and Flying

Posted on Monday August 28, 2017 @ 12:11am by Lieutenant Anna Johnson & Lieutenant Ben Carsassis

Mission: A Day In The Life...
Location: various

Anna had rested a few days, she had not gotten clearance yet but she was really tired of sitting around reading. She still didn't have access to her shop so she had nothing to keep her occupied. That said she found her way to the exercise room.
She found some of the lighter weights and started doing arm curls. She was smart enough to not do anything to undo the repairs to her ribs after all. Maybe in the process she could meet some of the other people she would be working with on Strike team.

Ben sat to one side of the room. He was working on some light arm weights. As he mainly relied on his reflexes rather than his strength, he simply wanted to keep in as good shape as he could. He noted the newcomer come and he smiled easily and greeted her with a bright, "hi!"

Anna returned the smile, "Hi back" She said with a slight chuckle.

"I'm Ben," replied the violet-skinned fighter pilot. "Nice to meet you," he said with a slight grunt add he lifted his weights.

Anna vaguely remembered that name. " I'm Anna, are you the one that got me out of my shop?" She asked.

Ben shrugged. "Ah, Lieutenant Johnson!" His smile widened. "It was a team effort. I found you, others got you out and patched you up." He looked up at her. "Glad you're on the mend." He set the weights down, and moved his hoverchair away from the bench and over to replicator to get another drink.

"Well it's appreciated none the less." Anna said as she moved the weight to her other arm to repeat the arm curls. "So what brought you to our team?" Anna asked. She was guessing it was something, everyone had to be invited to since they weren't suppose to exist and therefore couldn't exactly be applied to.

"My Flying ability," Ben said. "You?"

"My engineering skills and my willingness to bend the rules I guess." Anna laughed. "Technically speaking I'm no longer Starfleet which is why I have the store front." She said then set the weight down and grabbed a towel to wipe her face. "You know I have some designs from my earlier days in the fleet you might be interested in. I actually built a scale model shuttle that could do everything the full size ones could. I was controlled remotely and could fit into places a regular shuttle couldn't normally go. Was a lot of fun to fly. Not as much fun as actually racing a real one but fun none the less." Anna said.

"You make birds?" Ben asked. "I'll have to show you the Arrowhead." The smile widened on his face as he spoke about his fighter.

Anna nodded, "My shuttles were used on many a mission when it was dangerous to send a full sized ship in. I'd love to your ship, maybe I can tweak it a bit for you. I love to race shuttles to especially obstacle courses in the holodeck since I can't find any near by to do for real."

Ben nodded, "I can't let you play with the Arrowhead, sorry. Too much specialised tech in there to assist my flying and recon capabilities. Plus Jenna would pitch a fit," he said. "I'll race you, any time," he finished.

"That would be awesome. I may build another remote shuttle too since I will have some spare time for a while." Anna said, "Do you have time to show me Arrowhead now?" She asked.

Ben grinned, "absolutely! She's awesome." The Arrowhead was Ben's pride and joy and loved showing her off. "She's a recon scout fighter. I'll go shower and meet you in the team hangar." He said.

[Later in the Hanger]

Anna stepped in and didn't see Ben so she started to look around. In the corner Anna watched as an engineer started cussing. He pulled out some components replaced them and tried starting the panel again which immediately sparked and fizzled out. Anna stepped over and watched over his shoulder as he pulled components out that had burned seeing the ones that he had used, "You may want to go with the next size up." Anna suggested.

"Who do you think you are telling me how to do my job?" He asked.

"I think I am Lieutenant Anna Johnson, the new chief engineer." Anna said, "And you are?"

"Ensign open mouth insert foot." He said then grabbed the components Anna suggested and when he fired it up it turned on perfectly. Nodding Anna moved to look around the bay while she waited for Ben to arrive.

The low whine of the hoverchair signalled Ben's arrival. He approached the Lieutenant and the Ensign. "Ensign, Anna, everything ok?" He asked, seeing the way the Ensign looked abashed.

"Everything is fine here." Anna said, "Much like me when I was younger the ensign here needs to learn when advice is just that, because sometimes people with more experience know something that we don't." Anna said. "So show me this ship of yours." Anna stated.

Ben nodded. "OK then," he said before he led Anna through the bays. They soon reached a section separated from the other bays. It wasn't a wall that caused the separation but a subtle change in the equipment and style of work area. Off to one side was an office, what appeared to be a small med bay and a highly advanced Tech station. Set in the main bay was a sleek, black fighter. It was built for speed, stealth and had enough firepower to cause considerable problems to an unaware target. "The Arrowhead," Ben said, pride in his voice.

Anna walked up to the ship, "She is beautiful. Maybe my next scale model will be of her." Anna said as she walked up and studied the design.

"She's beautiful, isn't she," Ben said. Years of development on both the fighter and the Flight Systems involved and I get to fly her." Pride was evident in his voice. His hoverchair rose so he could gently and lovingly place his hand on the fuselage. "It's all I ever wanted to do," he said quietly, almost whistfully.

Anna nodded as she placed a hand on her as well, "Fixing and flying the was always my dream. Though I get to do more fixing than I do flying. "Is there a version of her on the holodecks so I can try her out?" Anna asked.

Ben shook his head, "no, there isn't one. She doesn't have a chair in her for one thing. My hoverchair becomes the pilot's seat. She's also highly classified as far as her inner workings. You'd need clearance to get access to the specs. That and this is as much Jenna's baby as it is mine. She really doesn't like people playing with her toys. Well, the Arrowhead at least."

"I guess I'll have to come up with my own new design for a remote scale model ship then." Anna said with a look of disappointment on her face.

Ben shrugged, "or get clearance to work on the Arrowhead," he said. "Anyway, I'll also be flying any landing shuttles and providing air support to the team. I'm better in the air than on the ground."

"A good pilot is a good thing." Anna said, "Some one who can get us out in a hurry if needed."

"Absolutely. When we're deployed, I have other tricks up my sleeves, too," he said. "I look forward to flying for you guys."

"I look forward to working with you too." Anna said with a smile. "So other than flying what are your hobbies?"

Ben shrugged, "I play the piano and I love video games," he said. "I actually like RPGs, especially swords and sorcery type stories. What about you?"

"I read, kill zombies, race obstacle courses, some times I will act out books in the holodeck instead of reading them." Anna said. "Usually if I'm killing zombies its because I've had a bad day." Anna said with a laugh.

Ben grinned. "I hear you there. Main problem with the holodeck ones is that, with my limitations, the action scenes are quite hard to do."

"Maybe I can figure something out, after all you could always use a shooting weapon instead of a katakana, if we set in in the city were there are roads and sidewalks maybe we could have some fun." Anna said.

Ben nodded. "Worth a try. "

"I'll see what I can set up then." Anna said, "I will let you know what I come up with but for now I should probably see if I can find some information about my shop in the mean time." She added, "I'll see you soon." Anna then turned and left the bay.


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