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The Curse of Boredom

Posted on Sunday August 27, 2017 @ 12:32am by Captain Charles Lancaster & Lieutenant Anna Johnson

Mission: A Day In The Life...
Location: Various
Timeline: Current

Anna left sick bay and used the com link she had discovered in her bracelet to contact Captain Lancaster, "Captain sir, I kind of don't have a place to live until they open the promenade where my shop is. My apartment is attached to the shop." Anna added.

"Come to the training deck. Your bracelet will grant you access. There's bunk's down here, and you're welcome to grab one for as long as you need."

Anna stepped onto the nearest lift and said, "Training deck." the lift began moving then opened and she stepped out. She was moving a bit slower than usual, and paused to grab a catch in her side as she stepped off. She looked around taking in her surroundings.

"I'm pretty sure the Doc told you to take it slow." Lanc said, stepping out of his office in time to catch Anna's gasp of pain.

"She did but I need to find somewhere to crash so that I can do that first." Anna said. "Trust me a bed sounds really good right now. Well maybe a replicator then a bed." She replied.

"Well, the dorms are the last door on the left, grab any open rack." he answered.

"And the nearest place I can grab something to eat?" Anna asked.

"Mess hall. End of corridor, take a right, 2nd door on the left."

Anna started to head in that direction, "Would you care to join me?" Anna asked. She really hated having to eat alone though did more often than not.

"Not hungry, but I'll sit and nurse a mug while you eat." he said, joining her in the corridor.

"How bad is the promenade?" Anna asked as she walked beside Lanc.

"It's bad. Some parts are probably a total loss."

"And my shop?" Anna asked "I can't remember much after the explosion. Except for the team helping get me out." She said, "I haven't even met some of them yet, and others pop up in the strangest places." Anna added with a laugh.

"Yeah, all I can say is that I hope you have good insurance on the shop."

"Of course I do," Anna said, "I just spend most of my time there so I will be looking for something to occupy my empty time." she added.

"Maybe you could volunteer for the clean up team?" Lanc asked, with not a small amount of sarcasm in his tone.

"I could just wasn't sure if the station would let me with my past record being what it is." Anna said.

"Everyone gets a second chance out here. The only one here worried about your past is you. Keep your head down, work hard, and just move forward."

"I'm not as much worried about it as I am haunted by it. All I ever wanted to do was Starfleet. Thanks to you I can do that again.

"Don't thank me yet. Wait till we get back from our first mission. Then you'll probably be cursing my name."

Anna laughed, "I live for the adrenaline rush." she said, "That's why I run the programs I do in the holodeck."

"I feel you on that one." he replied with a laugh.

"The problem with being an adrenaline junky is when things are slow it drives you crazy." Anna said, "Especially when you HAVE to take it easy."

"Yeah, and stupid shit starts to sound interesting when you get that kind of bored. I've been there."

"Exactly, normally my gut would have told me to shut the doors and run out the back when the argument started in the promenade. But stupid me steps toward the door and watches instead." Anna said.

"But, see, that's what makes you part of my team. We're the kind that run toward danger. We're drawn to conflict. It makes us better soldiers, but also tends to get us in sticky situations as 'just people' if you know what I mean. It's a real challenge to try to find a healthy balance."

"So keep myself occupied enough that I don't do something stupid, check." Anna said with a laugh.

"I go through a lot of targets and power cells, myself." he added, then took a long pull off his mug of coffee.

Seeing the mug, "I have more coffee in my storage locker that happens to be away from the promenade. If you are interested that is."

Lanc gestured with his mug and said, "Like I said, I never said no to coffee."

"I'll retrieve it first chance I get." Anna said stepping up to the replicator she ordered a cheeseburger, fries and cherry cola, then took the food to a table to sit. "I'm guessing that there is no real way to know when a mission will come our way is there?"

"Not really." Lanc said with a shrug.

"Maybe we could do movie night or something similar sometime. Maybe even have everyone dress as characters from the movie." Anna said then dug into her burger.

"Sounds like a plan." he agreed.


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