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Fixing the Engineer

Posted on Wednesday August 23, 2017 @ 3:32am by Lieutenant Anna Johnson & Captain Charles Lancaster & Lieutenant Minami Kaburagi M.D.

Mission: A Day In The Life...

Anna hadn't even realized that adrenaline was the only thing keeping her going, as soon as she knew she was being tended to she let the darkness take her. She heard voices around as they tended her injuries, but couldn't respond to them at first, even when she tried.

Doctor Kaburagi walked over to where their latest patient had been beamed into the sickbay. "Couldn't wait in line I guess" she sighed. "Not that you physically could wait in line" she added on spotting her broken leg.

"Hello?" she called out. "Do you hear me Lieutenant?"

Anna winced and opened her eyes, " Do you have to be so loud?" She asked as she reached up and rubbed her head.

"Ah good your concious" Minami said with a smile. "You got beamed into the ICU unit. Care to tell me what happened?"

"I was working in my shop on the promenade, some people were arguing about something. Next thing I knew there was an explosion, the new tree fell and I got thrown away from the blast. The entrance to my shop was blocked in the explosion." Anna said.

Doctor Nagakwa walked in and took in the situation, then jumped into motion. "Well, I'd say you were very lucky. I've seen the promenade, and for you to make it out alive was nothing short of a miracle." She said and she began to treat Anna's wounds.

Anna closed her eyes. "I have know idea what it looked like from the other side of the rubble that was blocking my door." She said, "I just knew they wouldn't be able to get to me by digging me out and thought I might have a concussion." she added, "Not that I"m a doctor, I've just had a few over the years and know the signs."

"Oh yeah, you definitely have a concussion. And few broken bones to boot."

Anna winced, "I splinted my leg as best I could with the supplies in my shop because I knew it was broken. What else needs to be fixed?" She asked.

"My scans show two, possibly three broken ribs as well."

"How long will it take to patch me up?" Anna asked.

The whole time they were talking, Doctor Nagakwa was running scans and performing treatments. "You should just about be..." she paused finishing one last scan, "...finished." As she was putting away her tools she added, "I'd take it easy for a day or two though, you're likely to be sore."

"I guess I'll have to look into temporary quarters then. My apartment is attached to my shop. It has it's own entrance but I'm guessing they won't let anyone back there unless they are working on clean-up." Anna said as she sat up and winced a bit as she did.

"That's a little above my pay grade." she answered out loud, then much quieter, "Ask Lanc, I'm sure he has a plan." then, with a wink, quickly turned and walked away.

Anna blinked a moment as she watched the doctor walk away. She shrugged her shoulders and made her way to contact Lanc. Maybe he would let her crash on one of the ships for now at least.


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