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Posted on Friday July 21, 2017 @ 6:38am by Lieutenant Anna Johnson & Captain Charles Lancaster & Lieutenant Commander Thomas Burrows & Lieutenant JG Hilae t'Rehu & Lieutenant Ben Carsassis & Commander Alexander Murrs

Mission: A Day In The Life...
Location: Promenade "This and That"

Anna was working in her shop, today it happened to be alone. She was, checking inventory when she heard shouting outside, in the main promenade. Anna moved over and saw two people arguing near the tree that had recently been put in. Suddenly, a loud blast knocked Anna backward. "That's the first time I've been blasted by a tree," she thought.

Anna tried to sit up and felt the familiar pain that follows being near an explosion. "Any explosion you can walk away from is a good explosion," she said with a laugh then wished she hadn't. After Anna managed to sit up she looked towards the entrance, "Of course I'm blocked in." Anna said. She was sure the luck of the Irish had either skipped her generation or had gotten so weak over years it didn't work anymore.

Anna could tell by looking she wasn't going to be able to stand on her leg until she could get to sick bay, but she had to let someone know she was trapped. Anna looked at the bracelet. If it can tell her to come to the ship there had to be a way to contact Lanc.

Anna used her arms to move then saw the control panel. "Please work," Anna thought, she pressed one of the buttons hidden on the bracelet and heard a familiar chirp. Not certain who she would get she was afraid to say too much so she took a breath and said "Hello, can anyone hear me?"

Tom was busy digging through rubble himself, a pretty nasty cut on his right arm dripping blood. "Lieutenant? Are you alright?" He tapped a button and it opened a second channel. "Cap. Promenade went boom and I didn't cause it this time. I might need you down here."

"I'm pretty sure I have a broken leg," Anna said "I'm trapped in my shop am otherwise okay." She added.

Lanc got both messages, and started trying to make his way down to the promenade

Anna managed to move toward something she could use as a splint. After a bit of struggling and a few color metaphors in Klingon, she managed to give her leg enough support to stand up. Using various counters for support, Anna made her way to a sofa she had set up for people to sit and drink coffee on. Anna sat down propped up her leg then leaned her head back and fell asleep.

About then Lancaster arrived. Placing his face near the pile of rubble, he yelled, "Anna! You Ok in there?"

Anna startled awake, "I think so, " she said, "I've gotten my leg stablized, and have a headache, but haven't noticed anything else."

About this time, Tom stumbled in, his arm bleeding through a hastily made bandage, and several smaller cuts on his hands from digging through rubble.

"I'm not going to be able to dig out from my side." Anna said, is there anyway I can get beamed out?" Anna asked, "My head hurts just enough to have me worried, though it could just be from the blast itself, I'm no doctor."

Ben, working on the arrowhead, picked up on the comms traffic on the secure team channel. He quickly punched into get a sitrep and then opened a comm to the wider team, "Lt Carassis here. I See we have a situation. I'm in the flight bay. Anything I can do to assist?"

Arin was lying down in her quarters. So bored she actually had fallen asleep. Uncharacteristic of her. She bolted to straight awake when the comm buzzed with a slight klaxon. "Emergency personnel to the promenade. Damage control and medical personnel to your stations." The message repeated, but Hilea was already in motion, reaching for her LBE vest. A few seconds later, she had retrieved the medical satchel she always carried. Since she hadn't been assigned to any medical team, she made her way towards the promenade. "This Lieutenant JG t'Rehu, I am heading towards the affected area." Her Federation Standard still not perfect, but it was improved. The language was imprecise to her.

"Sir, this bomb was Cardassian, I don't know how the hell a Cardie got on the base, but there was one." Tom said, barely loud enough for Lanc to hear

"Cardassian? What the hell?" Lancaster stuttered, "Why would..?" but he left the question unasked as he wasn't sure how to finish it.

Arin was nearly the first Medical personnel on the scene. She kneeled down beside a unconscious young man, his left leg bleeding profusely. Kneeling down she opened her small satchel and started to tend to the wound. Shortly security arrived. Another young man, phaser in hand approached her and spoke. At least the phaser wasn't pointed at her. "What are you doing to him? Why are you armed?" the security crew member asked.

"I am Lieutenant t'Rehu. Assigned here a few days ago. Should I come with you to verify that or stay and not let this man die of blood loss, you feanna?! (idiot)

"That sounds like a Romulan name." the security man said, with a more than hint of blame in it.

Hilae was very close to anger. "I am part Romulan." She said through gritted teeth. Just then her open tricorder said something in Romulan, beeping in an agressive manner.

"Hnaev (crap). "I am losing his pulse." she looked at him and very seriously in perfect Federation Standard said, "You WILL help me or he WILL die due to your interference." She saw the man go ashen. "Kneel. Now." The man complied. She guided his hands over the leg and said, Apply pressure here."

"B..but I don't." He started. "You are no longer in charge of this situation. Help or you've killed him." The security man complied. Hilea made quick work hanging two bags of saline and reached for her auto-suture and vascular regenerator. She breathed for second and scanned the area again with her tricorder committing the location to memory. "Remove you hands and stand by." As he did so, Hilea was quick to sink her hands into the leg and find the severed femoral artery.The instrument whined as she worked inside the leg. She fixes it in short order. "Softly squish those bags. The body needs fluids. A hypospray with a blood stimulant was pressed against the leg and Hilea sutured the area for now. "Please be gone from my sight before I forget we are allies. In other words, be useful somewhere else." The beat a hasty retreat, human blood still on his hands. Hilea moved on to the next person she could find.

"Any ideas on getting me out of here?" Anna asked. She moved over and pushed on the panel that was blocking the door to her shop, wincing as she put weight on her splinted leg. It moved slightly then she wished she hadn't as a wave of pain hit her.

"This is Lt Carsassis. Hang tight Lieutenant Johnson. I'm airborne and on my way round the station. I'll see if I can get a good scan. If I can, we should be able to get you transported out in a shuttle." He paused for a moment before switching channel, "Shuttle Indigo, follow my tail lights," he said as he shot out of the launch bay, heading round to the section of the station from the outside, the shuttle in his wake.

Anna leaned against the wall and slid carefully down to the floor. She winced again and checked her splinted. Letting out a sigh she leaned her head back on the wall and closed her eyes hopping it would help her headache.

In the silence of space, a sleek, fast fighter passed though the traffic without slowing, followed by a shuttle. In the cockpit of the fighter; named the Arrowhead, Ben, using the Livewire sensor array and his own skill, buzzed by the station at great speed, sweeping the area with the Livewire's scanner. "Lieutenant Johnson, Keep your comm open, I'll zero in on it. Keep talking, give me a sitrep on your condition. I have a medic in the shuttle behind me." His scanners picked up the situation through that part of the station he could get close to. "Jenna, pass all telemetery data through to Team Six command and request authorisation to pass it on to station CnC. I think they'll need what I can see. Let's give them as much information as we can on what's going on."
"Affirmative, Wi-Fi," Jenna replied, using his flying name as she routed the Livewire data through as requested. Ben's vision was overlayed with the data the LiveWire system was picking up. "Bloody hell," he said to no-one in particular as his scanners probed the station.

"I have a broken leg and a headache, so possible concussion, a few other bumps and bruises typical with being thrown after an explosion." Anna said. "My leg is splinted as best as I could do with available supplies." She added.

"I have your comm signal," Ben said across the comms. "Zeroing in aaand... There you are. Wow, that area is a mess." he paused for a moment then said, "Passing all data to your taxi. They should be able to get you. I'm on comms if you need me, just shout up!" Ben said cheerfully. "Wi-Fi to CnC. You should have everything I can see to co-ordinate repair crews and medical. Let me know if you need anything else or want me to look at anything specifically." Damn, I wish I was there to help Ben thought to himself, but without that new suit, this is the best place for me.

Anna felt the familiar feeling of being picked up by the transporter she let out a sigh and leaned back closing her eyes, as she waited for them to run scans and find everything that need to be fixed. Once she was cleared she could offer to help with repairs. The station may not consider her an officer anymore but she was still a damn good engineer.


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