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It begins

Posted on Friday July 7, 2017 @ 8:13pm by Commander Alexander Murrs

Mission: Homefront
Location: Promenade
Timeline: Current

"Sir, you're going to want to see this." A young gold shirted Ensign said to Alex as he returned to Ops following a quick break to check in with Medical personnel. Alex stepped over to the station and took one look at the readings. "Please tell me this is a joke." He said, looking over to another officer across the room, and placed two fingers to the earpiece in his ear.

"Negative, sir. I'm getting reports too, explosion on the Promenade. We've got Engineering and security enroute now." The other man said, moments before two officers step out of the lift.

The two men begin talking at once, stopping only when Alex speaks up. "One at a time, what happened."

"I was on the Promenade when this guy started talking about fireworks and stuff, and how he loves to see things go up in explosions, it was really weird." The younger of the two said, and Alex actually got a good look at both men.

They were covered in what could only be described as soot and grease, and the older one appeared to have some sort of sciences training, as his teal shirt gave away. It would explain why his hands were covered in what Alex assumed was someone else's blood.

"I came in moments before the bomb--that's the best way to describe it--went off. There were people who were hit as soon as it happened, children, civilians. They were completely unaware, as it was hidden in the base of the new tree that recently went in."

"Lieutent Maras." Alex said over his shoulder to the Bajoran Lieutenant. "Call Captain Corelone to the Bridge. And wake up the rest of Alpha shift." He stepped into the turbolift and instructed it to the main deck where the Promenade was--he wanted to see the chaos for himself.

As he stepped out, it was utter chaos. There were Engineering personnel running around attempting to control the damage, while Security were trying to keep people back from the scene.

In the center of the space was a severely damaged fallen tree--one they had just had put in days prior to try and liven things up--as well as severe damage to the deck plating with a hole going down a good 2 decks. There were injured or dead people everywhere within the circle area, and only three medical staff on scene.

"Murrs to Medical. Send down as many people as you can spare to the Promenade, there's a situation that needs immediate attention." He headed forward to render what aid he could, and to find out any more information about who could have done this.


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