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Coffee Break

Posted on Monday July 3, 2017 @ 12:10am by Lieutenant Commander Thomas Burrows & Lieutenant Anna Johnson

Mission: A Day In The Life...

Tom was finally out of meetings and had some down time, which meant he could go check out the shop called this and that that, he heard through the grapevine, had real coffee. He had dressed as inconspicuously as he could for this--although he wouldn't mind getting coffee on his clothes, it would be a pain to get out later.

Anna had just finished making a fresh pot of coffee. She always bought extra because she
drank as much as she sold at times. So far she hadn't sold any actual coffee beans but people have started buying cups of coffee once they had sampled it so she was always making more.

Tom sauntered up, taking in a huge smell of the coffee. "That smells so good. How much for a cup?"

"Eight credits usually, but I don't mind giving the first cup free. It's worked so far as I can't seem to make it fast enough." Anna said with a laugh, "I also sell the beans if you need to take some with you." Anna added.

"I don't want you to lose money. Eight credits it is." Tom transferred over the credits, "black coffee. The best coffee."

Anna poured the cup and set it down on the counter her new bracelet catching the light. "I prefer it with cream myself." she said.

Tom's eyes went to her bracelet, "nice bracelet." He said, juggling his wrist so his sleeve slipped down a little to reveal just the edge of his own. "Hang out with Lanc for a while, you'll end up drinking cold coffee by the time you remember it's yours. Especially if you gamble with him."

Anna noticed the movement and saw why he had done so. "I've only met him once so far." Anna said, "Let's just say it was very much a 'Matrix' experience." She said with a laugh then sipped her own coffee.

"Don't gamble with him. I've lost a lot of money to that man." Tom chuckled, "not to mention a love of whiskey."

"Good to know I'll have to point out my cooler to him then." Anna said motioning toward a door. She put her hand on a panel and a it opened, Inside was various ales, and other alcoholic beverages. "Maybe if you get him drunk first it will be easier to win." Anna said with a laugh.

"After how much it pissed him off that I was an alcoholic, I doubt he even drinks for dinner."

"Note to self, no alcohol sells to Commander Burrows." Anna said, there was a soft chirp, the cooler door closed and Anna smiled "Now you can't fall of the wagon through my store." Anna said,

"Jeez. Thanks." Burrows said with an eye roll, "you said you sell coffee beans? How are you not doing more business?"

"It's starting to pick up some, most people are just so used to the replicated stuff they don't know what they are missing. That's why I am willing to give them a cup for free. I know once they do they will be back." Anna said. As if on cue another person entered the shop. Without a word Anna scooped a bag of coffee beans sealed it then set it on the counter. The customer smiled transfered credits over then took the bag and left. "See what I mean" Anna said with a laugh.

"Yep." Tom suddenly got serious, "did Lanc tell you much of anything?"

"Not yet. Just enough that I had to make a choice ." Anna said, "Though I am planing on making some time to go visit the ships and check on the repairs and pitch in. I guess its a good thing I know a lot about Klingon technology," Anna laughed.

Tom chuckled, "there's a lot I still don't know. Just make sure you don't blow up those ships, they're our only ones."

"That is something I've never gotten in trouble for. as a general rule my ships don't blow up unless they are suppose to." Anna said with confidence,"

"Good. Just like my rifles don't blow up unless they're supposed to." Tom chuckled, "One day you're gonna have to watch me shoot, field strip, put back together, and shoot again a phaser rifle."

"You want to see who can do it faster?" Anna asked a big smile crossing her face.

"400 credits to whoever can?"

"If I lose can I pay you in coffee?" Anna asked.

"Sounds good with me."

"When and where?" Anna asked.

"Tomorrow 1300 at holodeck 4?"

"I'll be there." Anna said holding out her hand to shake his.

Tom smirked and shook hands, nodding.


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