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Setting Up Shop

Posted on Monday June 26, 2017 @ 3:20am by Lieutenant Anna Johnson
Edited on on Monday June 26, 2017 @ 3:46am

Mission: A Day In The Life...
Location: Promanade
Timeline: Current

Anna was unpacking crates and placing items on shelves. It was an odd collection of items, rare bottles of alcohol, a large bin of coffee beans with a grinder there in the store, real tea in various blends on one side of the store but on the other side there were also things like jewelry, and knick-knacks from various regions in space. There were also rare books, these were ones she either had found two of or simply didn't want to add to her own collection.

Through a door in the back was a workshop. Anna was known to be able to fix just about anything. If you needed to find something she was a good place to come looking. If she didn't have it she could probably find it for you if the price was right of course. The problem was is she wasn't well known yet, this is her first shop since being booted out of Starfleet. She had contacts of course for supplies who would help get word out about her shop. What she needed though, was some core customers. Some she could draw in with the aroma of the coffee brewing once she got that set up of course, but she hoped to become the place to go to when a gift was needed.

The chime alerted her to someone entering the store front and she stood up and brushed the dust from her hands onto her pants and smiled at the Ferengi that had entered her store. "How can I help you?" Anna asked, "I wanted to speak to the owner of this fine establishment." He replied with a toothy grin. "Then you have found the right person." Anna said.
"But you are a female." he said looking at her with surprise. Anna nodded, "Last time I checked yes." The Ferengi hesitated a moment then pulled out his list, "I have a list of items I am needing and hoping you either have then or might be able to procure them for me." Anna looked at the list. In fact she had everything on the list in her shop at the moment she just hadn't unpacked it all yet and she wasn't going to tell him that just yet either. "I think I can get the parts for you for the right price." Anna said, The Ferengi smile grew, now she was talking his language. "I'll give you three bars of gold pressed latinum for them all if you can get them for me by the end of the week." Anna shook her head, "I'll need at least five bars for the short notice." She said, "If you want five bars then I have to have them in four days instead of seven." Anna smiled and held out her hand, "Deal," The Ferengi shook her hand, Anna then took out a Padd and wrote up the terms of agreement and handed them to the Ferengi to sign. "I'd rather not have anyone else know I was here," He stated. "As soon as you pick up your goods I will delete the file if you like but until then I need something to show good faith that you will return for your goods of course." Anna said, "Oh very well," He said and placed his thumbprint on the Padd.

"A pleasure doing business with you. If you ever need anything else be sure to let me know." Anna said. Once he walked away she made a copy of the contract. She would delete the file she never promised it would be the only copy of it after all. She thought with a smile.

Anna opened the next crate and smiled, she had found her coffee pot. She set it up, put in water and ground some of the coffee beans before starting a pot brewing. That done she went back to stocking her shelves smiling, "I think I'm going to like it here." She said.

Anna Johnson
Shop owner


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