What part of No....?

Posted on Friday June 9, 2017 @ 1:34pm by Captain Miranda Corleone

Mission: A Day In The Life...
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Current

Miranda was seated at her desk, face resting in her hands in frustration. On the screen was a Tellerite Captain who had been arguing with her for over an hour.

"I demand that my cargo clear customs and that my crew be allowed to disembark, NOW!" he shouted.

"For the ninth time, Captain Panchette, I can't do that. You showed up 39 hours late, carrying a cargo of un-maninfested biological matter. I can't just let you do what ever you want. We have regulations that must be followed, and health and safety has a long list of concerns that need to be addressed."

"This is unacceptable!" he started, beginning to shout again. Miranda had had enough and just reached over and cut the connection.

She got up from her desk and began to pace. While her office was almost palatial, especially when compared the the Ready Room's on a Starship, the walls still felt like they were closing in on her.

She strolled over and began to watch the fish wander around the large aquarium set into one wall. The burble of the water, and the bright colors of the exotic sea life was always calming to her.

A that moment, the traditional hiss of the door opening drew her out of her revelry. The tiny, almost silent footfalls told Miranda that it was her Yeoman, Rizzole. "What is it Franky?" she asked, without turning to look at the young woman, a child really.

"There's a call for you Ma'am, and your desk terminal seems to be disconnected." the diminutive woman answered timidly.

"I'm in a meeting." Miranda answered. "Tell Captain Panchette that I am meeting with Admiral Piscis, and I'll get back to him when I can."

This brought a laugh. "So you're avoiding him and want to some to watch the fish, got it." Franky answered, then continued, "I brought you some hot tea."

"Oh, Franky, you're a godsend. Just set it on the table. Thanks."

There was a light clatter as the loaded tray was placed on the table near the sofa and chairs, and then Franky quietly made her way back out of the office.

Miranda turned, picked up the still steaming mug and sat heavily on the sofa, putting her feet up on the table, in a very un-lady-like fashion.

Putting on a mocking tone, she spoke aloud to the empty room. "Captain a Starbase." they said, "It will be easy." they said. "Ha!" she shouted derisively. "Easy my left foot! I've never seen such a wretched hive of scum and villainy. It's almost like they get together and plan ways to make my life more complicated."

She took a long, slow sip of her tea, swallowed, and the sighed.

"I do have to admit though..." she continued. "..this office almost makes it worth it all."

Letting her head fall back, she closed her eyes for a moment and said, "Computer, begin music playback. 20th century archive, Artist "Enya", random playlist."

There was a beep to indicate that the computer was complying and the soft, melodic tones filled the office.

:: End ::

Captain Miranda Corleone
Commanding Officer
Starbase 199