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Lieutenant Minami Kaburagi

Name Minami Kaburagi M.D.

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1
Weight 101lbs
Hair Color Silvery/Grey
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Minami has a fairly light build. She keeps her hair in two braids to keep it out of the way, usually hanging down her chest or sometimes held back over her shoulders. It depends how she feels.

She usually wears a medical coat over her uniform when on duty, and especially during surgery.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Nagisa Kaburagi
Mother Mako Kaburagi
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Minami is a very reserved type of person. She can be a little bit obsessed with her work expecially medical science. From a young age she was very intelligent and in medical school was known as one of the youngest Medical Prodigies.

She can sometimes freak people out with her methods. She doesn't see herself as a very social person and likes to be left alone in most cases.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Medical Knowledge
+ Surgery Techniques
+ Medical Science Theories & Experiments

- Introvert
- Over obsessed with work at times
- Can be described as sarcastic at times
Ambitions Minami's ambitions are to do her job well as a doctor. She wants to one day run her own medical ship, and joined Starfleet so she could discover new types of medicine. As a caring person she wants to save lives, and by joining Starfleet her ambition is to be able to save everyone who comes into her care.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies & Interests includes
+ Dissection in Medical Pathology.
+ Experiments in Medical Science.
+ Sewing
+ Cooking

Personal History Born in Japan, Minami had a standard upbringing. Coming from a family of doctors who ran a local doctors surgery she had always been around medical practitioners. As a child she found it fascinating and wanted to one day take over the surgery when she had built up enough knowledge.

She focued heavily on the biological sciences in school, and after many years of study she gained top marks in her science and mathematics examinations. She had a high IQ compared to other children in her school, however because she was dedicated to her studies became a bit of an introvert as she didn't really learn many social skills.

At age eighteen she was accepted into the Tokyo University Medical School. Wanting to become a general doctor, she chose her major in General Medicine. However chose a minor in surgery. After two years she was gaining good grades, and after five years at Medical School she walked out of Tokyo University Medical School with a First Class Degree with good scores in both General Medicine and in Surgery.

During an open recruitment day she ended up talking with a Starfleet Doctor who was based at Starfleet Medical. She was currently looking for a placement to complete her Medical Foundation in order to gain her full MD status. Starfleet offered her a placement in San Francisco where she would be granted the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade as a training Doctor.

She accepted the position and at age twenty three began her career in Starfleet Medical. During the two years of her medical foundation she became fascinated with the medical experiments that Starfleet was running. She decided to take a night class at Starfleet Academy for doctors into Medical Experiements. She attended the class whilst working for her MD Status and after one year she gained another diploma from Starfleet in Medical Experimentation.

During her second year in her Foundation Years, she took two night courses at the Academy, this time in Pathology and the other in Xenobiology that ran alongside it. Being very busy doing these caused her to be more of an introvert. However she saw it as a way she could save more lives.

After her two foundation years she had gained not only her Medical Doctor Status but also the three diploma's in Medical Experimentation, Pathology and Xenobiology. The Commodore in command of Starfleet Medical was impressed with her and wanted to keep her around as she was a 'damn good doctor' by his words.

She was twenty five at this point and decided that she wanted to get out into space to see what she could find and save lives with new medicine. She began to look for an assignment around the quadrant and gained the position of a Medical Officer aboard Starbase 68 on the edge of Federation Space near the Cardassian Demilitrized zone.

She served there at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade for three years. Eventually she started to show good command and control skills, including of that of managing a large medical facility. When Starbase 199 was recruiting for a Chief Medical Officer she put in for a transfer and was then accepted as the base's new Chief Medical Officer which excited her as she would have a large medical department to run and with it being a much bigger Starbase she had more Medical Toys to play with.
Service Record Tokyo University Medical School (1st Class Degree in Medicine. Major in General Medicine, Major in Surgery.)
Starfleet Medical Complex (Medical Foundation. M.D. Status) [Lieutenant JG]
Starfleet Academy (Distincion Diploma's in Medical Examination, Pathology and Xenobiology). [Lieutenant JG]
Starbase 68 (Medical Officer) [Lieutenant JG]
Starbase 199 (Chief Medical Officer) [Lieutenant]