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Ensign Eleanor Frost

Name Eleanor Frost

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ellie is very commonly scene disheveled and messy. In spite of her fondness for dresses, and more fanciful clothing while off duty, Ellie is not especially well known for very feminine forms of hygiene. As such, her hair is routinely in a state of "oh dear", and given that her profession implies getting knew deep in things that may have caught fire, she is often scene with war paint from her battles against disrepair.

Likewise, finding her in a state of being bloodied, or bruised is far from uncommon. She has an occasional habit of being on the klutzy side, in spite of her engineering prowess.


Spouse Commander Jane Allison Atwood(unassigned, pending judicial review)
Children None
Father James Frost
Mother Ella Frost
Brother(s) Johnathon Frost
Alexander Frost
Phillip Frost
Castor Frost

Personality & Traits

General Overview Eleanor has a particularly nervous demeanor, and when she is startled, or uncomfortable, she becomes noticeably more klutzy, and talkative.

She is very knowledgeable in a wide variety of engineering subjects, a fact that becomes especially noticeable when you get her started on a topic, then need her to stop; Good luck.

Strengths & Weaknesses While Ellie is especially technically adept, her combative skills are overshadowed by her particularly skittish demeanor. It can be also quite hard to get her to calm down and focus on Mon-technical things, and she is not exactly the best at social interactions, due to her nervousness and habit of speaking without thinking.
Hobbies & Interests Eleanor is often found reading while not working, and while she also has a fondness for cooking, she's not particularly well known for producing anything especially cooked below "charcoal" grade burnt.

She's also rather fond of various forms of metal or rock and roll, not all of it human made. Her fondness for tellarote death metal, while doing homework or paperwork resulted in more than a few cadet academy noise complaints.

Personal History Eleanor grew up in a quiet little community North of Seattle, Washington, on earth. Her parents, who owned a somewhat renowned bakery were particularly off put by their tomboy daughter, who was the only member of their 5 children capable of setting the bakery on fire at age 9, trying to boil water for tea.

To the further disapproval of her parents, she became the first member of her family in 27 generations to apply for a post in a military-esque service.

Her acceptance to Starfleet Academy has resulted in her becoming estranged from most of her family, and her choice in spouse did the rest.

Ellie's career was notably set back, due to a sealed judicial file involving her wife, and the Academy commandant.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
Engineering services

Judicial Hold(Case Sealed)
(Details unavailable; please contact Starfleet Personnel for further details)

Starbase 199
Ensign(2392-Current Assignment)
Acting Chief Operations Officer