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Lieutenant Anna Johnson

Name Anna Marie Johnson

Position Shop Owner

Second Position Sapper

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 150
Hair Color red
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Physically fit, when in the shop she appears almost tom-boyish, always having a smudge on her face or hands. When not at work her feminine side often shows itself.


Spouse none
Children none
Father deceased
Mother deceased
Brother(s) Andy
Sister(s) Jana

Personality & Traits

General Overview Anna came from an abusive family which makes her short tempered. She can fix almost anything and if you need something she can almost always find it for the right price of course.
Strengths & Weaknesses -short tempered
+/- will do whatever it takes to achieve her goals
Ambitions Now that she is no longer in Starfleet she hopes to open a shop for civilian repairs and novelty item sales.
Hobbies & Interests Loves to race shuttles though does so mainly in the holo-deck recently
Loves to read books and collect rare copies of printed books when she can find them.

Personal History The oldest of four children Anna was constantly reminded by her father that she was 'unwanted'. When she was 10 and she found out her mother was having twins Anna begged her to leave but her mother truly loved her father for a reason Anna never understood.

So Anna did what she could, anytime her father started to take things out on her brothers she would call his attention to her. She started taking their licks as well as her own. When they were 2 her mother was pregnant again and once more she begged her to leave but her mother refused.

Anna did the same for her sister as she had done for her brothers. As soon as she could get into Starfleet she left home. This infuriated her father even more as he blamed her for him never getting to join Starfleet himself.

Ten years after joining Starfleet Anna received notice that her father had beaten his mother to death and then killed himself in a drunken rage. Her brothers had just turned 18 and wanted to join Starfleet so she applied for and got guardianship of her sister Jana who was 15 at the time, Jana stayed with Anna for 3 years then went back to Earth to go the academy herself.

Anna Johnson had achieved the rank of Lieutenant Commander was was being considered for a command of her own. A mission she was leading started going badly and Johnson made some choices that were not in accordance with Starfleet procedure. Although her choices helped the mission not be a total fail. Johnson was reprimanded and demoted to Lieutenant. Her behavior however, continued to follow this path leading to her being discharged.


For the record I would have Johnson covering my back at any time. She is a good officer that let her anger get the better of her. I tried my best to keep her under my command but Starfleet took it out of my control.