Posting Requirements: 1 post per 7 days.

No F-Bombs and No sex. Up to and just short of F-Bomb is "ok" but only when the situation makes it makes sense.

ANY form of harassment gets you booted, no questions asked, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Harassment includes, but is not limited to...

Arguing with the command staff
Promotion nagging
Rank shopping

Starting rank and promotions are at the command staff's discretion and not up for discussion or debate.

Spelling and Grammar are mandatory and subject to two counselings and then ejection.

Playing Characters can die as a result of IC actions and there is a very steep "stupid tax" in place which the GM will be more than happy to enforce.

Demotions as a result of in character actions can and will happen. This is your only warning.

Use of Discord is a privilege, and if you are disruptive, you can and will be muted, temp-banned or perma-banned, at the discretion of the command staff.

Only the Command Staff is permitted to start, change or end a plot and if you ghost (no response to tags or email for more than seven (7) days), we can and will write around you (up to and including use or injury/incapacitation of your PC) for the purposes of not holding up the plot.

Management reserves the right to edit posts that found to contain inappropriate content. Inappropriate content includes, but is not limited to..

Gratuitous violence or gore
Harassment (out of character conflicts brought in game)
Anything else deemed to have crossed the line

No advertising other sims without express written permission.